The Occupational Therapy (OT) service provides specialist assessment and treatment to help individuals develop, regain or maintain the skills necessary to participate in all areas of their lives. Occupational Therapy gives people the ‘skills for the job of living meaningful and satisfying lives’.

At the Brownlee, the OT service receives a wide range of referrals, commonly related to memory, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and social isolation.   The OT service can be accessed through any staff member and individuals can self refer.

OT service may include

  • Assessment and management of fatigue
  • Anxiety Management training
  • Advice and support to access work, leisure and community facilities
  • Liaison with Community Occupational Therapist for environmental adaptations
  • Advice and support for carers and families
  • Liaison and referral to community services and projects ie Impact arts, flourish house, access to work, Waverly Care,
  • Assessment of activities of daily living eg meal preparation, self care, shopping
  • Provision of equipment to improve functional status, and increase independence.


During your appointment with the Occupational Therapy service you will be given the opportunity to discuss any issues you are experiencing and work collaboratively with the OT to develop goals and strategies . The majority of appointments will be 1:1 with the Occupational Therapist or Assistant Health Practitioner, however there are sometimes opportunities for group work.