Welcome to the Brownlee HIVe pages. The e at the end of Brownlee HIVe stands for engaged and this is about the services that are led by patients, or the opportunities for patients to be more involved and have a say in how services are delivered.

Above all the Brownlee HIVe services aim to connect people living with HIV to share what it’s like living positively.

Brownlee HIVe Patient Forum

The Brownlee HIV Patient Forum is a safe space where patients attending the Brownlee Centre can discuss HIV-related issues and challenges affecting their lives.

The focus is on HIV treatment, care and associated programmes within NHSGGC. The Forum provides a way for patients to formally communicate with the Health Board and they provide input and consultation on the delivery of local services.

They work hard to ensure as wide a range of patients are consulted and have their say about the services they receive. They also want to encourage and empower patients to make better healthcare choices.

If you’d like to participate in the Forum or find out more about it you can call or email us at Brownleehiv@ggc.scot.nhs.uk. Alternatively you can ask any member of staff when you are next at the Brownlee.