Have you experienced or seen HIV stigma or discrimination taking place within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHS GGC) health services? Have you or someone else been treated differently or with a lack of respect because you/they are living with HIV? If you have we want to hear about your experience. 

This could be any health service in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, we hope and probably not related to HIV care.  It could have happened any time in the last 3 years.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember all the details just tell us as much as you can.

Collecting these experiences helps us to work together to ensure people living with HIV are treated with the dignity, compassion and respect that all patients in NHS GGC can expect.

There are several ways to feedback the experience:

  1. Discuss with the service/clinician

We advise that in the first instance, you speak to the person or team responsible if you are not happy with your treatment, or the treatment of someone you care about. For example, this can the nurse in charge of a ward, or the practice manager at a GP surgery.

The peer support engagement manager can support you to do this.

  1. Stigma Reporting via Brownlee

We have developed a stigma reporting form that the peer support engagement manager views so they can support you. They will contact you if the contact details  have been completed however you can complete the form anonymously.

It is important to note that if you do not give contact details you will not receive a direct response to the specific issues you raise, however your comments will be used to drive forward change.

  1. Anonymously tell your story on Care Opinion

Patients and families can use care opinion site to provide anonymous feedback about their experiences. The incidents are reviewed by the Patient Experience and Public Involvement Team at NHSGGC who will feedback incidents to service managers. You will receive a response from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

You can watch 'Care Opinion in 2 minutes', a short video explaining how it works.

  1. Feedback to Patient Experience Public Involvement Team (PEPI)

You can give feedback whether good or bad, in a confidential user friendly way to the NHS GGC Patient Experience Public Involvement Team.  You simply complete the form found on the NHS GGC website with as much information as you can and the PEPI team will make sure this goes to the right services. It is that you will not receive a direct response to the specific issues you raise, however your comments will be used to drive forward change. 

  1. Formal Complaint

The person affected or someone on their behalf can make a formal complaint.

The advice is that you speak to the person or team in the first instance and then escalate if you are not happy with the outcome. The complaints team can help you to do this if you need help. They can give you advice about where to get independent help in making your complaint.