HIV is a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equality Act and it is illegal to treat someone less favourably because of it. In Scotland we also have The Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 which in turn informs The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

In short this means that irrespective of someone’s HIV status they are entitled to fair and respectful treatment when accessing NHS services.

The most important points for people living with HIV are:

  • Access –You cannot be denied treatment due to HIV
  • Respect –You should be treated with dignity
  • Safety –Your care should be effective
  • Confidentiality –Your personal health information should be secure

If you feel that any of these are being compromised due to stigma or discrimination, then ask to see someone else, or you can exercise your right to Feedback or Complain

We ask that you:

  • Keep appointments or cancel within a reasonable time.
  • Follow the course of treatment which you have agreed and talk to you doctor if you find this difficult
  • Provide accurate information about your health
  • Treat staff with same dignity and respect you would like to receive


Feedback and Complaints

NHSGGC encourages feedback - both positive and negative- about the treatment and care you have received, to help us improve service delivery.

If you wish to feedback your experience of using NHS Services, whether at the Brownlee or in another part of the NHS, or make a complaint, all departments have information available on how to do that.

Brownlee has a suggestions box in the reception area that patients can use to feedback on experiences both good and bad. NHS GGC also has an official Feedback and Complaints system.