The campaign focuses on challenging and changing the knowledge, skills and attitudes NHS GGC staff have towards people living with HIV. The campaign consists of marketing and resources such as posters and leaflets, interviews with HIV+ people and specialist staff in staff magazines, road shows to major NHSGGC sites and a host of other initiatives. All this has been created through working directly and collaboratively with people who are living with HIV. Thomas, a Brownlee Patient Forum member had this to say about it:


 "This work is vital as HIV+ people can experience stigma, in some shape or form, sometimes on an almost daily basis. What we are doing is innovative, it's exciting and a totally different approach from anything I have never seen anywhere in the NHS. It shows that NHSGGC are taking this issue seriously and they are determined to eradicate stigma in whatever form it takes. The approach taken by the Board to do this has to be applauded.”


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